Wedding planning can be stressful, but dress shopping doesn’t need to be! We are here to make your experience relaxing and fun, everything it should be! Here is some information to help you get the most out of your appointment.

Bride: When should I start shopping?

With Love: You can  start as early as you like. Most brides start shopping about a year before their wedding, this gives you time to order and complete your alterations. Keep in mind that most gowns will take 4-6 months for production. We recommend saying yes to your dress no later than 8 months before your big day.

Bride: Do I need an appointment?

With Love: We definitely recommend booking an appointment! This ensures that one of our professional bridal consultants will be ready and waiting for your upon your arrival. We will also have one of our spacious bridal suites ready and waiting for you and your group. During the week you can walk-in, however there is the possibility that you won’t be able to try anything on. Weekends and evenings are by appointment.

Bride: What do I need to bring?

With Love: Yourself and those whose opinions matter most.   We recommend you  wear light or nude coloured undergarments. For most dresses you won’t need to wear a bra, however, if you want to try dresses on with one, we recommend a nude strapless. We have a 4 inch pedestal for you to stand on that simulates heel height – so don’t worry, you don’t need to bring your heels! However, if you would like to see “the one” with your wedding shoes we can try them on at that point. You are welcome to bring pictures with you of gowns you like, Pintrest is wonderful – it’ll give us a good starting point.

Bride: Am I able to bring in food or drinks?

With Love: We ask that no outside food or drinks are brought into the boutique as our gowns are out of bags for the best shopping experience and our goal is to protect them. We strive to keep our gowns in the best condition possible and would like to avoid the chance for spillage or stains. Occasionally we feature some of our favourite local bakers as an exception to the rule and welcome you to enjoy their treats.

Bride:  Can we bring champagne?

With Love: No alcohol is to be brought into the boutique as we are not a licensed establishment. We do understand that a celebratory sip of a bubbly beverage is always fun and makes for super cute photos, therefore on advanced special request (when booking the appointment) we can have a non-alcoholic bubbly toast brought out to celebrate finding your gown!

Bride: Who should I bring to my appointment?

With Love: We recommend bringing only your nearest and dearest, whose opinions you value most. We recommend a maximum of four guests to ensure   While shopping with big groups can be fun (and you don’t want to leave anyone out!) it can also be overwhelming to have that many opinions. It’s easier to focus on what you like and how you feel if you only have a few people with you.  You can always bring the people who didn’t attend to your “meet the dress” appointment or back for bridesmaid dress shopping!

Bride: Can we take photos?

With Love: Photos are certainly allowed, however, we ask that the photography not impede the appointment time. We want to make the most of your appointment time.

Bride: Do you have accessories?

With Love: Oh do we! With Love is bursting with goodies from some of our favourite accessories designers. Whether it is a dramatic veil from Jennifer Leigh or statement Swarovski earrings handmade by MEG Jewelry, we have the perfect piece to compliment your dress. All of our accessories are hand made by small designers often found in high end retailers around the world.

Bride: What happens when I find “the one?”

With Love: Congratulations. We are just as excited as you are. Once you have found the perfect dress for your big day your consultant will take measurements and work with you to determine the best size. A non refundable 50% deposit is required to place any special order.

It will take approximately 4-6 months for your dress to arrive, depending on designer. Upon the arrival of your dress we will schedule you for your “Meet the Dress” appointment. This is an ideal time to try YOUR gown will accessories or any shoes you have already purchased to go with the gown. At this time we will happily schedule your first alterations fitting with one of our fabulous and talented, in house seamstresses.